Plodding Along

Well. This is my journal. But it’s also a public forum. Therefore, I always need to be careful what I write!

I’ve been at work for two days so far this week, and have another day to go. Yes, I’m on the bike again as I write this. One day of work is ahead of me.

Each morning I struggle to get in the mood for work. I bet that is true for so many people! Today however, I’m feeling OK. To be honest, if I am having a bad morning I usually don’t go on the bike! So this is the first time on it (in the morning) in two weeks. Cue applause.

I am not reading my Bible at the moment, at the recommendation of the Elders. Therefore, each morning I think about God and pray arrow prayers rather than long draw out discussions.

Today I am going to think about my mums relationship with the Lord. I always find that very encouraging.

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