I love writing, but am not naturally good at it. I was always in the lowest English classes at school, and was classed dyslexic when I got to University.

But nevertheless, I still love to write. And I’ve been practicing a bit since my school days! I am most interested to write about topics relating to Christianity. And I contribute to two other blogs, which you can find here:



But this blog is different. It is personal, and I can write about all topics that interest me, from running to playing pranks on my friend Sarah Theron!

Currently I work three days a week for a bank and am completing a theology course on my days off. I really enjoy it!

Anyone is welcome to read and comment on my blog.


Ruth Preston

  1. #1 by Martha Bosma (Marty) on March 12, 2015 - 5:47 pm

    I read this article today, and found it immensely interesting and informative. I enjoy your writing style and topic choices. I rarely “follow” people, but will probably do so with you. I’ll even forward your blogs to my sister, who has recently decided to read the bible (after years of my gentle pushiness). You seem like someone whom I would befriend, if you only lived in Kalamazoo!

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