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On The Run

“I’d like to talk about John Wilkes Booth for a moment if I could, Abraham Lincoln’s killer.

12 days, that’s how long it took to find him.

In his journal during this period he wrote that the shadow was his friend, the night his domain. He acknowledged that whatever neurosis drove the criminal to commit the original crime is compounded, magnified, by flight. By the sounds of dogs at his heals. Fear becomes paranoia; paranoia ultimately psychosis.

I bring this up because in 140 years the fundamental mind of the escaped man has not changed. The escaped man is still human. He is still afraid. And he will stop at nothing in his attempt at flight.

Fortunately for us, while our quarry has shadow and night as his ally. We have something far greater: television.

I would encourage everyone who is watching, everyone in this country, to take a good look at these faces. These men right here are now the most wanted men in America.”





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Don’t regret your past?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine on facebook I thought I would share.

I have often been berated for regretting my past. People have said to me ‘you shouldn’t regret what you have done, because it makes you who you are’. But I disagree. How do I know, I might have been a better person had I not done those things. I also think it is important for everyone to realise what wrong they have done, and take responsibility for it.

Anyway: here is the conversation (it is copied from Facebook, so there will be typos!):

Anon: Hey: Ruth, i just wanted to ask having just read your bit of writing entitled Luke (insert verse here sorry!) about emotion and preaching and cam across something i have been meaning to ask you for ages but totally forgot until being prompted by that piece.

When you were at university and obviously kind of strayed from your previously otherwise strong views, and obviously having almost a taste of what it was not to believe as such (I’m not saying you didn’t at all i just cant think of how to describe it otherwise as i have a rather loud Kai yelling at me haha) did you find this a valuable lesson? Obviously after doing so you decided that God was the right path for you and i dont know enough about the bible to know what its teachings are regarding doing so but did you personally find it was valuable for you, to go and not live within what i would describe as religious confines (i know you won’t see them as that and i also don’t mean it in a bad sense!) I was just interested 🙂

Ruth: Hey mate! I love being asked questions like this! I would say that I wish I had never done it. I think my life would be better now if I had not made the choices that I did. I think these days we like to say, ‘you wouldn’t be you without learning from your mistakes’, but we forget that our mistakes damage us too. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years as a result of some of the stuff i put into my body. We often don’t stop to think that maybe we would have been an even better person if we didn’t make those mistakes in the first place. So overall I deeply regret it. However, that is all the negative. Even though I have not enjoyed the consequences of my actions, I have learnt things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And I’ve meet people that I wouldn’t have been able to relate too before – such as yourself. So in another sense there are things about it that have developed me I’m a good way. But even so, I’d never use that to justify the things I did. I hope that makes sense. I think God can redeem anything – but that process can be quite painful, and I would spare other people that. Much love mate xxxxx

Anon: Haha! I thought you might 🙂 Yeah that makes sense, so do you think because of your beliefs you may have been somewhat guarded in people you would have spoken to?I just mean because i have never been judgmental of anyone and i could never imagine being so but would you say that previously religion has made you so?

Also, I mean for me i don’t do drugs anymore either but for me doing them i take as a good experience and lesson even the bad experiences, i mean i have a really bad memory now which i put down to drug use and it slightly annoying but i don’t feel i as a person through drugs have come off any worse, alcohol on the other hand i totally regret drinking so much and doing some of the things i did whilst drunk. And i have learnt the hard way through that and yes i agree sometimes it has been very painful to go through. But then i also wonder if my life would have been any different without these things either, obviously they have acted as a accelerant to some situations but….

I just like to understand because i do value you as a friend and i know we have different values but i think we are a bit more similar than you think, we have both changed and i never mock something because i dont understand it 🙂 xxx

Ruth: Ha! I love this. So, the first thing you mention is: would I be more guarded in my approach to people if I hadn’t experimented when I was younger? Well not really, I think I always wanted to get to know people – I think I found them more interesting and excited If they were different. So I dint think my experimentation made me any less open to anyone. What it did do was enable me to understand where they were coming from. So for example, if one of my mates wants to talk to me about sex, drugs … Etc I can relate – and I think that can help people. I have a friend who has a bit of addiction to K. I was able to understand it and chat to her. If I hadn’t have experimented it, I wouldn’t have been guarded about, I just wouldn’t have been able to understand as well. Hope that makes sense.



Plodding Along

Well. This is my journal. But it’s also a public forum. Therefore, I always need to be careful what I write!

I’ve been at work for two days so far this week, and have another day to go. Yes, I’m on the bike again as I write this. One day of work is ahead of me.

Each morning I struggle to get in the mood for work. I bet that is true for so many people! Today however, I’m feeling OK. To be honest, if I am having a bad morning I usually don’t go on the bike! So this is the first time on it (in the morning) in two weeks. Cue applause.

I am not reading my Bible at the moment, at the recommendation of the Elders. Therefore, each morning I think about God and pray arrow prayers rather than long draw out discussions.

Today I am going to think about my mums relationship with the Lord. I always find that very encouraging.

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Morning Exercise

Many of us have busy lives. Ever thought about where people get the time to blog? I have. There are many church leaders I greatly respect who seem to be able to write a blog every day! I stand amazed! (primarily because it is such a hard job anyway, let alone writing blogs along side the 7-10 job + Sundays)

Anyway, I’m writing to let you into a little secret. I check Facebook, personal emails and write on my blog on my exercise bike every morning. I’m on there for 20mins. So why not Multi-Task?


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Hello wordpress!

I have joined the blogging world late in the day. It seems that we are all online now letting everyone know what we think, as if our opinion might be definitive. But that is a pessimistic view.

My mum keeps a note-book, and so now I keep a blog. The difference is, I cannot be too personal as my ‘notebook’ is public (Ekkk! I must be careful ;D). I am happy to ’go’ public really. Even though I have no idea if a lot of people, or no people, ever look at this blog, the thought that someone might view it, or rather that I may link to it, will motivate me to write.

Plus, I have been ill in the last few months. I therefore have more time to write about the topics that interest me.

Happy writing, happy reading!

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