My First T-Total Night


Before any of you start thinking it, I’m not going T-Total because I’m ‘religious’ (I wouldn’t necessarily describe myself as religious anyway, even though I’m certainly a Christian, but that’s to be explained in another post!)

I’m going T-Total because I find it difficult to just have ‘one’. Now, that makes it sound like I get smashed every-time I have a drink. Not so. I believe in being paced and sensible. But, each drink I have causes me to be that bit more tired the next day. I also seem to want to eat SOOOO much more when I get home. Yes, that is after 1 beer! I don’t know if anyone else is the same? (I know some people are not the same; I’m sure a few drinks for such a person will not hinder them, like it can for me)

Now, I think drinking can be a good thing, in moderation. And for many it’s a good and innocent way to spend an evening. But, because of my propensity, I feel that drinking wastes a lot of my time and money – so what could be easier than just saying ‘no’. Well, a lot actually. Our whole social society is based around drinking. It’s hard to go out and not drink. Clubs, and even pubs, are filled with bassey and intrusive music that is, I swear, designed to make you want to drink more. I believe that they purposely make it socially awkward, to sit in a room with loud music so you have to shout at your neighbour to be heard; you drink to over-come your ingrained British reserve. But, having said all of that, it is not due to peer-pressure that I feel more comfortable with a few drinks of an evening. Oh no. For me, it is the sheer boredom of such evenings.

Meeting up with my friends at their houses is so much more engaging. One can actually have a conversation. But, when you are ‘out’ it becomes a tedious amount of effort to remain engaged – unless of course you ease yourself into it with a few drinks. I’m sorry if I sound overly pessimistic, but I have often had these thoughts; and this is why I have decided, for an undetermined amount of time, to go T-Total.

Well, tonight was my first night trying it out on a ‘party’ night. It went well! I was out between 6-11pm, 5 hours in total, and not one drink. I’m very pleased! These are my observations: it wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be. A drink can ‘put you in the mood’, and I wondered whether I’d be getting too bored or tired towards the end of the evening. But this wasn’t the case. I reckon this was due to the fact that I went to one of my good friends houses, and met other friends with whom I enjoy chatting. And although I did leave earlier than I might have done if I had a couple of drinks, none of the conversations were stifled, nor were they repetitive or inconsequential, but rather intimate and jovial. A good night!

Perhaps T-Total is the way forward for me? At the moment I don’t know, but it sure was good tonight, and I believe that it could be true for evenings in the future. The best thing about my T-Total evening is that I’m now in bed on time, watching TV, knowing that I haven’t eaten more than normal. Neither am I going to be too tired tomorrow, and waste any of this 4 day weekend! Bring it on!!!!

Disclaimer: by posting this I am not committing forever to T-Total living, but rather to a trial period to test the benefits. (So far, so good).

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